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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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hagerstown and martinsburg. 100 into saint mary's county, 95 in annapolis. you factor in the oppressive levels of humidity and it has just gotten to be almost unsafe to be outside for any lend of time. heat index topping 110 degrees in culpepper, virginia. 105 in frederick. the heat advisory remains until 9:00. tomorrow we have an excessive heat watch. that's the next step up on the advisory list for tomorrow. the heat index values could exceed 110 tomorrow afternoon in a lot of spots. temperatures drifting to the mid 80s by 11:00 p.m. a toasty warm evening on the way. the worst of the worst, i think, will be tomorrow. any slight chance for some cooling showers on sunday will help every little bit we take and we'll have a complete check of that. and we'll talk about tropical depression bonnie. the complete forecast coming up. back to you. >> that's what we need is a
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bonnie. thank you, chuck. the stream heat has people all over our region trying to stay cool while spending time outdoors. julie carrey joins us live for tonight's big dave matthews concert. how are people handling that heat? >> i know dozens of people -- out in this heat since 6:00 this morning. you can imagine how toasty they will feel at showtime. they're just hoping to get through show without passing out from the heat. waiting at the concession stands, these folks are bracing for one of the hottest work nights of their lives. >> when we get inside, we can drink all the water and soda we want. i'll keep dealing with the heat. >> reporter: they've waited in the heat all day, taking turns to go fetch lots of water. >> as soon as the gates open, whatever the procedures are, at least the people who have been
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here since 6:00 weex make sure we get to see the show the way we want to and not pass out. and not suffer heat stroke or anything like that. >> that green truck over there? >> reporter: it's hard to imagine how james has managed to avoid heat stroke. his duty station, a chair atop the broiling asphalt of the prince george's county parking lot. he said he's doing fine and he came prepared. >> i brought one of these, one of these, one of these. and one of these. >> the nearly triple digit heat didn't seem to deter tourists or those on the mall. segway riders were here and sprinkle throwers cool off biffle early this afternoon, this baltimore mom and her son were ready to call it a day.
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>> wirp tourie were touring the i'm about to go home. >> this is hard on man and beast. i'll show you how the beasts are handling it at 6:00. >> thanks. the sweltering heat may leave drivers hitting an extra bump or two on the road. road crews are working around the clock, looking out for melting asphalt. earlier this week v-dot repaired the road. >> and he shall is looking for the best way to beat this heat. >> it's not easy. for many it means new business. i went out to see who is riding the heat in big crowds. on your mark, get set, one! it was water, water, everywhere. the glendale splash park. just turn on the h20 and you've
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got the perfect summer recipe for heat relief. >> it really hard. >> it's fun. it's great. if you close your eyes, you don't know when you're falling and when you're about to go down. just go down. >> reporter: did that water feel cool? >> yes. >> reporter: how do your feet feel on that pavement? >> hot. >> reporter: that's why you're dancing. they've seen a definite uptake in business. 700 today. they speck more than 800 to hit the water tomorrow. >> we've serve a lot of families. we have some birthday party on the docket. i called a woman this morning and said make sure you bring the sun screen. >> some shade but not a lot. everybody is out there. >> reporter: they're trying to get in the water and cool off. >> i think the best thing is they get to be free and do what they want and have a good time. and there's really no breaks or anything. they get 2 1/2 hours of craziness.
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>> you wear them out some. >> we get back and they're a little more mellow. >> reporter: everybody had their own take on the temperature. >> this is cotton candy flavor. >> reporter: another way to cool down? italian ice. nice job if you can get it. rita and adam is revving up. >> it is pretty cool. you get a taste of both worlds. you're outside, inside. the people come in and write the heat and you send them back out with a little bit of cold. okay? >> there you go. glendale splash park in prince george's county is open from noon to 8:00 in the evening tomorrow. we're also keeping a weather eye on tropical storm bonnie now barreling toward south florida and the gulf of mexico. the storm made landfall this morning in miami-dade county. it packed winds of 40 miles an hour, whipping up high waves, plus a few inches of rain. bonnie is expected to strengthen as it travels across the gulf.
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residents in some flood-prone areas spent the morning filling sandbags, while others couldn't resist hitting waves, despite the dangers of rip current. the storm is on track to cross the site of bp's oil well by sunday. drilling ships and other vessels are moving to safer waters in the gulf. scientists don't think the storm will affect the containment cap which is about a mile beneath the owing. how, the bad weather will no doubt delay the work at the site. a new round of dismissals today in the d.c. public school system. this time it was for teachers who did not make the grade. >> the school chancellor has fired 241 teachers who had par performance or failed to maintain their certification. tom sherwood reports on the cuts.
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>> reporter: last fall the budget layoff of 275 teachers prompted demonstrations. now before a new school year began, the d.c. chancellor tell news4, the new round of firings come after aier of detailed evaluations of teachers in their classrooms. >> we have identified the lowest performing. >> reporter: it includes 241 teachers. 166 of whom were graded ineffective and another 75 who failed to maintain their teaching certification requirements. another 560 teachers were rated as minimally effective them won't get raises this coming year and will be fired if they don't ill prove. on the wanu politics hour, teacher union vice president nathan saunders said he she is out to get rid of older african-american teachers. >> do you think there is a racial aspect to the dismissals? >> there obviously is.
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>> reporter: she disputed that characterization. >> if you look at the 28 district had performed for kids for years prior to the control, i think anybody would say there's no way you could move fast enough to make sure that we are putting a great teacher in front of every single child and every single classroom across the district. and so we cannot do that fast enough in our opinion. >> reporter: tom sherwood, nauf, washington. the school system is notifying the teachers being dismissed and they will leave the pay roll as of august 13th. a federal investigation is linking dozens of military workers to child pornography. the defense department is not releasing name but says those accused include individuals with ties to the national security agency. the investigation is part of a larger sting dating back to
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2007. more than 5,000 military workers have been accused of downloading go porn. and a man accused of trying to joichk ever join a somali terror group has been kind. the 20-year-old zachary chesser will remain in custody, until at least monday afternoon. he is accused of providing material to support an al qaeda terror group which claims responsibility for a july 11th bombing in uganda that killed more than 75 people. on such a hot day, we have another scorcher expected this weekend and crews are working the fix a broken water main in northwest d.c. along 14th street between t and f. it broke this morning. the d.c. water crews say some customers in the area will be experiencing a disruption in water service until repairs are finished. no word on when that's going to be. local retailers slashing prices, hoping to get shoppers in their doors. news4 at 5:00 is just getting started. coming up, a rude awakening for
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drivers. finding the tires slashed. locals are convinced this is an act of ecoterrorism. tragedy in the water. what neighbors are saying about the man who lost his life trying to save his nephew. we'll tell but a woman's love of animals and how it landeder in trouble with the law. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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tropical storm pon bonnie bearing down in the gulf of mexico. scientist don't think the storm will affect the containment cap's ability to hold back the oil from the well. temperature approaching their record high today. they're expected to claim to dangerous levels over the next few days. cooling centers set up in prince george's county, pool and library hours in d.c. extended so people can stay inside.
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and more than 240 d.c. teachers will be losing their jobs. as he did school chancellor says most of the cuts were due to poor performance. more than 500 other teachers's job are also in danger because they were deemed minimally effective. >> how high did we climb today? >> the official high is 97. the official will probably be 98. it happens between the hourly observations. >> how does it feel? >> it feel like a day you need to spend all day submerged in a cool body of water. there's a body of water. hop on in. take a cooling splash. you need it. anything you can do to stay cool. light weight light-colored clothing. i would say you need to quadruple your water usage, not your usage but your water drinkage because of the extreme temperature outside again today. the broken record of the summer of 2010.
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97 degrees down at national airport. the heat index, though, that's what really counts. 106, the current heat index. our dew point temperature are in the low 70s. it feel lake we're in the tropics for sure. temperatures will be in the mid to high 80s through 11:00 tonight and down and right up alongside the chesapeake bay. overnight temperature will probably not get below 80 degrees. so be ready for another ugly day tomorrow. high pressure in charge of our weather. this little disorganized looking area of rain showers and thunderstorm coming off the southwest corner of the florida peninsula. that is tropical depression bonnie. all eyes and forecasts now are on the delta of the mississippi river which is rate down here across south eastern louisiana. that does look to be the track of the storm going through the weekend. fortunately, it does not appear as though the storm will gain to hurricane strength. that is the one little piece of good news. dew points in the 70s. look at this heat index map. 105, the heat index in chicago. 10 nate new orleans.
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106 hear. it will continue around 100 degrees again for tomorrow. we get just enough of a down sloping wind to really compression the air and warm things up. this evening, plenty warm. temperature in the 80s after about 8:30 this evening. tomorrow, start off with a few clouds and plenty of stickiness out there and then tomorrow afternoon, haze in the upper nays to near 100 degrees again. tomorrow's record hey temperature, wendy and jim, only 96. that record will be obliterated. we could have the record broken probably by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. that record will be gone. our coolest record high in the month of july. so sign over to that dance tidbit and then only a slate chance on monday and tuesday. you noticed after the sunday rain chance, a little hint of a cooling trend. that's down to normal july weather. >> and you'll be here. >> i'll be here all week.
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>> we'll be watching because that's the only play to be. >> the perfect weekend to watch. neighbors say they are still shocked and saddened after a man and his nephew drowned in a swimming pool in prince george's county. the man died while trying in vain to save the child. it happened yesterday afternoon at a home in upper marlboro. >> reporter: an uncle risks his own layoff in an effort to save his next ufl tragically both perish. police say the 12-year-old climb the fence to get to the pool but once in the deep end, he couldn't get out. his uncle, vain-year-old david, went after him. >> we saw david hop over the fence and i kind of made a comment. why is david hopping over jimmy's fence. >> the neighbor said it was when the first emergency spoernd arrived that he knew something had gone wrong on his street. >> we saw them pulling both the
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bodies out. and i sat there and watched. i sat there and watched those guys. they worked on him for a long time. >> reporter: they, too, were affected by what they encountered. >> there were three firefighters that did enter the water. each of them, i would describe their emotions as being distraught. wishing they had been here sooner, wishing they could have done more. >> reporter: he said it was hours before that they had chatted as they often do. he described him as an ideal neighbor. >> i saw him every day for the last two years. weapon out shoveling together. i lost a good friend yesterday. >> reporter: the tragedy leaves a hole, not only in this local community but in this family. they have two members gone. they have to arrange two funerals. the tragedy that happened in short order. the pool just beyond that fence. news4. the families said their grief is mixed with frustration because they're trying to find a way to pay for the two funerals.
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there are brand new rule in place at swimming championships across our region. cameras and cell phones are now banned behind the starting block and in the locker rooms at aquatic center during this weekend's potomac valley swimming championships. the changes come in the wake of sexual misconduct. lawsuits across the country. one involved a virginia swim coach robert miranda. still to come, dialing up deceit. the warning from local investigators about a text message designed to tap into your bank account. criminal is months away but the black friday bargains are already here. we'll tell what you local stores are rolling back their prices this weekend. the empair strikes. the tale of darth vader's really life robbery that has cops
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retailers are hoping you're thinking about shopping and they're enticing with big deals. retailers are not calling it that but the washington reports some of the stuff on sail is traditional holiday fare such as video game, toys blu ray players and it is not all electronic. targets is offering 25% off tank tops and bathing suits. >> target is having a 24-hour sale today and toys are us is having a bonus promotion today and tomorrow. they're joining sears and kmart in bringing back christmas deals. >> after seven months of games, retail sales have dropped the past two months. consumer confidence is at the lowest point in a year and there
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is a new survey from city that shows 62 per of americans believe the economy still hasn't hit bottom. so there's also a warning about a new cell phone scam and it is coming out of loudoun county. >> the scam allegedly involves the loudoun credit union. victims have received texts or e-mail. the message states the bank card has been disable and to contact a local number with 703 area code. when victim contact the number, it asks them to enter their bank account and pin numbers. there have been several reported victims in loudoun county. authorities say this is a reminder you should never respond to unsolicited techs or e-mails that ask for your personal informing. still to come, hope for home openers on the verge of foreclosure. 20 vehicles vandalize asked it wasn't random.
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i'm from the gulf coast. my family spends a lot of time here. i have a personal interest in ensuring that we get this job done right. i'm keith seilhan. i'm in charge of bp's clean up on the gulf coast. bp's taken full responsibility for the clean up, and that includes keeping you informed. over 25,000 people are included in the clean up operation. our crews are cleaning the gulf beaches 24/7. we're going to be here as long as it takes to make this right.
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another day in the steam bath around the washington area. a lot of spots making it over 100 degrees. saint mary's county, maryland, even into hagerstown. over 100. winchester, virginia, 101 degrees, the current temperature. unbearable. outside, on the gulf of mexico satellite loop, that cluster of clouds moving off the west coast of the florida peninsula. that's tropical depression bonnie. now 569 mile to the southeast of new orleans. it moving in the general direction of new orleans. this storm should say below hurricane strength as a tropical storm. but still, it will go right over the clean-up efforts in the gulf. if you're going out boating or to the beach, there may be some storms to deal.
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with ocean water temperature, up to 78 degrees. some of the warmest owing water we've seen in years. another check of the seven-day forecast right here in washington coming up in a few. >> thank you. like bath water out there. hey, while we go to this incredible heat wave, it wasn't too long ago that we were trudging through one of the worst brutal snowiest winters we have ever seen. remember that? >> fond memories they were. pat collins has more on these extreme seasons. he is on connecticut avenue at the same post he dutifully took during the snow apocalypse. >> reporter: you never know when you have to bring it out. here we are in our old post, connecticut. and john connors, the gas station here. not much to measure today but a lot of degrees to count. it hard to believe that five months, 18 days ago, it was 70 degrees cooler than it is right
5:30 pm
now. snow was coming every which direction. can you remember? do you remember? remember. remember what it was like back in that warnings are and all the friends we made on connecticut avenue. like the lady in bla, the sandwich lady. this is the sandwich. she walked about three maiiles the snow to get. >> it was free. >> because you had a coupon. what a bargain! would you rather have sweat or snow? >> sweat on the beach with a pina colada. >> do you remember what the warnings are was like? >> yeah. it is better than this. i'm wet everywhere. >> reporter: would you rather have this or that? would you rather have sweat or snow? >> oh, sweat any day. >> reporter: why? >> i hate snow. i'm from cleveland. >> i love skiing.
5:31 pm
it's a little hot for me right now. >> reporter: you want -- >> snow. >> reporter: snow and those blizzard memories. brenda and her search for coffee. >> i'm in dire need of caffeine. >> reporter: you're going to walk in the snow to get coffee. where? >> do you recommend a place? >> reporter: any place that's open. would you rather have this or that? >> snow. >> reporter: why? >> because you can only take off so much but you can add more layers. >> i would prefer the sweat. >> reporter: why? >> it is easier to cool off than heat up. >> snow. >> reporter: why? >> i'm from boston. i can deal with that. this heat is way too much. >> i come alive at 95. so go with the sweat. >> reporter: in our very unscientific poll, half voted for sweat. half voted for snow. you know, we get so much extreme weather in washington, you just have to learn to keep your cool in the summer and not to sweat
5:32 pm
it in the winter. or is at this time other way around? jim and wendy, back to you. >> which do you prefer, patrick? >> reporter: i prefer the blizzard. during the blizzard, people brought me food. brownies, hot chocolate, soup. today, nothing. nothing. not even a little cup of ice water. >> well, it's still early. let's see what that brings out now. thank you, pat. see you soon. thousands of people are expect to be in washington this week in search of mortgage help. hundreds of people were already lined up before dawn this morning. the event is call save the dream. it is sponsored by a boston-based housing advocacy group. the program gives distressed homeowners a chance to meet with lenders to negotiate better terms on their home loans.
5:33 pm
>> restructuring. taking the existing mortgage and making it affordable. locked in fixed, saving $500, over $1,000 a month. >> it will be for the next week and it is free. in order to take part, you have to bring praf of your monthly income. the d.c. army national guard kicked off the first annual law enforcement job fair today health at the d.c. national garment armory. this area's job fair features several agencies and included the u.s. park police army national guard military police and montgomery county police and the secret service. the economy is still shaping up to be a big issue in decision 2010. especially with 92 have the new financed overhaul and how much americans will pay in taxes. hear to discuss that and more is david gregory, moderator of
5:34 pm
"meet the press" this sunday. good to see you. a lot of signing this is week, especially on the economy. a busy week. >> some distractions, obviously work the surely sherrod story but the economy is so central. signing financial reform legislation, a huge achievement for the administration. a huge overhaul of how we regulate wall street. this nagging question and where are the jobs? what about the housing market? you had that story a moment ago. the truth is that unemployment will remain really hey. as long as that's the case, the housing market won't be able to rebound. the two are lirnged if people are out of work. it is such a huge, huge problem. his outlook for the economy and what more the administration can do to create jobs. >> you brought upshirly sherrod. we had general mcchrystal. what is your take on how the white house is handling these distractions? >> not particularly well with you i think you can say constructively, after having mishandled this, they reacted
5:35 pm
quickly to try to make it better. it is not something they wanted to be a part of. and unfortunately, on some of these racial incidents, you go back. this is general mcchrystal. could probably be put into a separate category because the chain of command issues. not how you comport yourself as a mill man. you go back to a area ago, the arrests in cambridge. what did the president do? he talk about it before he knew all the facts and said they were stupid. they acted stupidly. towed backtrack from that. in this case, the administration acted hastily. so did a lot of other people including some in the news media. but they took acand firtion. an emmy award winning journal wist quite a history has died. daniel schorr. daniel schorr passed away this
5:36 pm
morning at georgetown university hospital. he won three emmys for his coverage of the watergate scandal and during that time, president nixon ordered the fbi to investigate him, put him on his own enemies list. he spent the past 25 years working for public radio. he was a protege of edward r.murrow, a towering figure from back in the day. daniel schorr was 93 years old. dr. joe biden, the wife of joe baden spoke about the needs of military children. >> as we all know, military children, serve too. every american can lend a hand and make a real difference. i promise to continue to do all that i can in our mission to support our military families.
5:37 pm
>> biden has been in education 30 years and teaches english at a local community college. next, is this furry animal coming up the real deal or fake? the pictures that could finally put the rumors about the so-called -- >> chupacabra to rest. >> thank you. a man commits a crime. the real life drama involves darth vader.
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a rare animal may be caught on tape and a spy gets her own action figure. police on long island are trying to catch a criminal who dressed as darth vader. he showed up in full costume, held up a bank and pulled a gun on the teller. he got away with an undisclosed
5:41 pm
amount of cash. the star wars scene crime is the latest in a series of odd robberies in the new york area. the name means goat sucker in spanish. a group of teenagers in oklahoma say they have proof it exists. if you're looking for proof, this group of teenagers say they spotted it and took a picture of it and even got its tracks. so far there have been no reports of any dead goats. wildlife experts say the choob cabra claims often turn out to be a coyote. anna chapman, the spy, has her own action figure. it is labeled the predator. it showed her dressed in a white top and blue jeans holding a gun in her hand. now i know what to get handly for christmas. an animal lover busted.
5:42 pm
authority say this isn't the first time.
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5:44 pm
streit extreme heat has meant business for some shops. they saw 700 people just today. they expect more than 800 when they hit the water tomorrow. thousands of people in washington are getting help with their mortgages for the next week, a boston-based group called neighbor assistance corporation of america is
5:45 pm
sponsoring an event. save the dream. it runs 24 hours a day at the convention center and it is free. the d.c. army national guard kicked off the first annual law enforcement job fair today at the national guard armory. this year's job fair featured several agencies, the police, the military police, the national guard and the secret service. and i'm meteorologist chuck bell. another day in the steam bath and tomorrow promises to be another one. there are only five days in the month of july that have record high temperature below 100 degrees. and tomorrow is one of them. tomorrow's record of 96 is our coolest record high of the month. that is not going to last for another year. tomorrow, we will definitely break the record high temperature. we're 97 right now. 98 in norfolk, 99 in raleigh, north carolina. it will be another steamy and hot day.
5:46 pm
the track is way to the north. even the isolated showers have only made it into pennsylvania. 87 degrees by 9:00. tomorrow afternoon, we're not just going to break the record. i think we're going to kill it. 101 tomorrow and 99 coming up on sunday. some slightly cooler weather. more july-like. high 80s and low 90s to get next week started. >> thank you, chuck. >> these are stories we hate to report but they happen a lot. it is always disturbing. this one in charlie county, maryland, where authorities removed several cats from a home. >> so far they've taken almost two dozen animal from the house. neighbors say this isn't the first time something like the has happened. >> that's right. neighbors told us that for at least the past ten years, the woman who lives in this house behind me has been hoarding cats. they say it went from bad to
5:47 pm
worse as these cats multiplied and simply took over the neighborhood. check this out. when we arrived on the scene, we actually found one of these cats hiding underneath a neighbor's car. today, authorities stepped in and around 1:30, they arrived. animal control began rounding up the cats. they had hooks and nets and it looked like scene out of x-files. one neighbor said he counted 21 cats being taken away and that was just from the felines caught outside the house. about three hours later, the team went inside to round up the rest of the cats. neighbors say this is not the first time something like this has happened. about two years ago, the smell got so bad in the neighborhood, neighbors say they pitched in to help out authorities. that time they caught 41 cats. >> you said you caught them yourself. what happened? >> we caught 15 and they came out and took all of them.
5:48 pm
she was not supposed to have any more cats but you can see, she didn't listen. >> now they're back. >> they're back and everybody is talking to the homeowner. i guess she is only renting the house. it's crazy. >> reporter: we're still waiting for the final number of cats rounded up here but animal experts say this situation where someone is hoarding cats is very dangerous, especially for the animals. even once they are saved, animal experts sayle come down with diseases and at that point these cats will have to be put to sleep. reporting live, back to you in the studio. >> sad. really unfortunate. thank you. now for sports. in case you missed it, hakim is here to show us the favorite plays of the week. >> my favorite time. we scoured the world of sports for the stuff you may have missed. this week's installment, a baseball player gets hit in the head. and a fan going head over heels
5:49 pm
to make a catch. let's go. >> reporter: in case you missed it, don't sleep on the brewers' bull pen, or maybe you should. the rookie pitcher zack braddock is. taking a nap or maybe he's meditating. yeah, right. this is worth a chuckle. tim lincecum pitching in l.a. at -- that wasn't supposed to happen. loses his grip on the baseball. take another look. and lincecum says, just give me another ball, okay? in case you missed it, a very scary moment in detroit. jackson off dustin nippert's head. it goes all the way into left feel and thankfully, nippert is okay. he never loses consciousness. he actually walk off under his own power, even smiling about it.
5:50 pm
allow, the rangers did put nippert on the disabled list with a concussion. there were a few hardheaded folks on the nascar track this week. battled for a time lap on the race in missouri. they have a history and carl edwards in the 60 scar spins out from behind. edwards we understand the race and check it out. kozlowski gets t-boned on the final straightaway. while kozlowski was spinning, edwards was in victory lane. but the wildest ride of the week belongs to francisco he at the super cup race in england. he veers off the track, hits the fence and begins flipping as safety personnel and fans run for cover. miraculously, no one was injured in a crash, including the driver. in case you missed it, the winds were blowing at the british open. he has his hat blown off.
5:51 pm
that's what you pay a caddie for. probably had to run 50 yards but he would not be denied and tracks down that hat. and you had to be creative if you were going to be successful at the british open. miguel jimenez, his ball is up against the rock wall. no problem. he hit it off the wall and on to the green. don't play horse with that guy. jimenez gets a standing overation from the st. andrews crowd. by contrast, hansen having problems here in the road bunk order 17th. it is fun to watch, not so much for hansen. hey, finally, gets out there was and it takes him four shots. how about some football? at the celebrity golf tournament at lake tahoe. the qb aaron rogers throws a dart to a dude on a boat. great catch. falls over but he hangs on. sign that guy up. in case you missed it, now
5:52 pm
you've seen it all. >> nice to have a little boat there at lake tahoe. have a couple drinks and some guacamole and chips. >> while we're imagining, let's to go lake cuomo. >> borabora. >> that would be nice. yeah. coming up next, people wake up to find their tires slashed. the drives
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5:54 pm
5:55 pm
vandalism in ashburn. someone knocked out the windows of several cars. a neighbor reports seeing two people running away from the suv. if you know anything about who did this, called the loudoun
5:56 pm
county sheriff's office. another case of vandalism. >> someone slashed a bunch of tires. it happened overnight in the area of 39th and calvert street. news4's tracy wilkins reports. >> reporter: when he and his family got in the truck this morning, they had a rude awakening. >> we slipped in the car and didn't realize the tires were flat. i changed it. but my neighbor is like, going you're the second guy on the block. >> reporter: this morning police were circulating this neighborhood checking out calvert and 39th street. davis place. after a number of reports of slashed tires. at least 20 vehicles were found. tom said initially, he thought maybe nearby construction caused a flat for him and a neighbor until he started walking around, looking for construction debris. >> it was like someone has been cutting tires in the neighbor. the other guy pulled around.
5:57 pm
now you see in the neighborhood there are dozens of cars. >> reporter: it appears only suvs were targeted. one victim said he thinks it was an act of ecoterrorism. another victim guesses it was kids. whatever the case, people who live here say they have never seen anything hike this. >> very upset. i mean, it has cost me $300 to replace it. you have to work very hard for that. and i would love to catch these guys. i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: if you live in this area of northwest, drive an suv and didn't check your tires this morning, you should do it when you get home. police are saying they want to hear from residents who have had this vandalism happen to them so they can include it in their report. i'm tracy wilkins in northwest. news4. if you have information about the vandalism, people want to hear from you. you can remain anonymous. that's it for news4 at 5:00. have a great weekend. news4 at 6:00 starts right now.
5:58 pm
evacuations have been ordered at the site of the oil spill. thousands of distressed homeowners waiting in line to keep their houses. an investigation. we begin with some serious weather concerns. good evening. >> we're keeping a close eye on a tropical storm that's moving toward the gulf coast. but we're also dealing with some extreme heat here at home. we have a team of crews working both these stories. we begin with julie carey. just about everybody is dealing with the hot weather. >> reporter: there is a big, big show today. the dave matthews band and consequently, hundreds of people have been waiting for hours in this heat. some of them since 6:00 this morning so the heat is a real concern. all across the areaering with found the best way to deal with it if you have to be outside,
5:59 pm
plenty of water. >> big slogan for boy scouts, drink water or you will die. no, seriously, you will die. >> reporter: simple, straightforward advice from these tennessee boy scout in the nation's capital to celebrate the 100th anniversary. the idea of triple digit heat doesn't phase them. >> this is normal. 100% humidity, 100 degrees. >> reporter: oppressive heat and human that will only intensify over the weekend. self-proclaimed heat lover angela brown is ready. her secret? the wash cloth. >> i keep it on my head. i take ice is that put it on my head lake this and then put the hat on. >> reporter: brown and other workers were huddled in the shade, preparing to sell concessions for the dave matthews concert. they have waited in line since 6:00 a.m. hoping to claim front row shots. what do you think it will be like in there? >> passing out. >> reporter: still others were geg


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